Class Descriptions

Dance Discovery- Ages 2-3 years- 45 Minutes

This 45 minute class is a magical way for you and your toddler to experience dance and movement together.  Each week will begin with a fun song and dance warm up, where they will be introduced to Ballet basics.  This class includes dance, yoga, rhythm, music, singing and basic tumbling.  It is a great way to begin the socialization process to prepare for pre-school or day care.  We strive to create a meaningful learning environment where all children are encouraged to follow the beat of their own drum.  Our purpose is to inspire a love of movement and dance that will stay with them for their lifetime. 

Creative Movement- Ages 3-4- 45 Minutes

This class promotes creativity, dreams and pretend.  Whether dancers are galloping like a horse across the floor, flying like fairies in a circle or playing freeze dance to end class, they are learning, creating, and building confidence.  This class includes Ballet, basic tumbling skills, yoga, creative movement and imagination.  Dancers will move with scarves, wands, ribbons.   They will make music with tambourines, maracas and rhythm sticks, and dream with their whole heart.  Our purpose is to create an hour of play, fun and dance where each child feels excited, accepted and inspired. 

Pre- Ballet Ages 4-6 years- 55 Minutes

This class is for the Ballerinas at heart! Our Pre- Ballet teaches the foundation of Ballet in a fun and exciting way.  We focus on technique, terminology, heart, and determination.  Ballet is an amazing teaching tool; It teaches discipline, perseverance, and it allows dancers to create and achieve goals within class.  Our Pre-Ballet program is perfect for the young dancers who are just starting out, and who just love to move.  We incorporate games, songs, and rhythm to exercise the creative part of their brain. 
Ballet & Tap Combo- 4-6 years- 55 Minutes
This class is for the dancer who loves to move!  Class begins with Ballet each week; stretching, warm ups, practice at the Barre.  This class changes shoes hafl way through!  Time to tap!  Tap is a great way to learn rhythm and coordination!  Each week the students will learn new Ballet and Tap fundamentals, all the while having fun being creative and imaginative.  The Ballet & Tap combo gives the students the ability to try two styles within one class, so that they may experience both the classics of Ballet and the fun of tap!
Hip Hop Minis-4-6 years- 55 Minutes
This class is designed for the kids who just love to move and groove!  This class combines Jazz and Hip Hop in a fun and age appropriate way!  We learn the basic techniques of both genres, and create exciting and energetic dances.  Our teachers will get kids up and moving in no time after warm ups with jumping jacks, push ups, and lots of core work to get those hip hop freezes down!

Ballet- Ages 6-17
Levels I & II :  55 Minutes
Levels III+ : 1 1/2 Hours

Our Ballet program will follow the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Curriculum of teaching.  Ballet has a long history of producing beautiful and strong dancers that exude poise and grace.  We will strive for excellence in technique, proper terminology, and teaching the importance of confidence while dancing.  Our levels will range from beginning to advanced for ages six to seventeen.  Everyone should get a chance to take Ballet ,to learn new skills, meet new friends and ignite self worth. 

Jazz- Ages 6-17
Levels I & II :  55 Minutes
Levels III+ : 1 1/2 Hours

With clean, upbeat music we inspire our dancers to move to the rhythm.  Our Jazz classes fill dancers with energy and excitement.  While focusing on Jazz technique from classic styles to new modern aspects, our teachers will create a fun hour that your dancer will love to attend each week.  Jazz combines some Ballet technique, modern dance, Hip Hop skills and acrobatics in a way that fuses all styles together for a fun and educational hour. 

Lyrical/ Contemporary- Ages 8-17
Levels I & II :  55 Minutes
Levels III+ : 1 1/2 Hours

The lyrical/ contemporary dance style is a beautiful fusion of Ballet, Jazz, Modern and dance from the soul.  The use of lyrics from songs, emotions from everyday life, and instruction from the teacher, dancers will illuminate their hearts and souls while creating movement that inspires.  Lyrical and Contemporary dance are the leading styles of dance for teens and adults, allowing for freedom of expression through movement.

HIp Hop- Ages 4+
This class consists of an hour of learning urban choreography while also developing the student's own style through dance improv and character exercises (facial expressions, stage presence, etc.). This class is all about high energy, lots of laughs and building confidence on and off the dance floor!