The story of Expressions began 30 years ago in El Dorado Hills, CA where there lived an exceptionally special family. The matriarch of this family was a dancer, teacher, mother, wife, and incredible visionary. She has 4 children, and at this time the oldest was in high school and the youngest was in preschool. She longed for a place where her children could go that would be an inspiration for their creative spirits, an outlet for their physical energy, and most importantly a safe haven from the pressures and struggles of growing up where they could be encouraged and empowered to express themselves. Kim utilized her lifetime of dance training and internal drive to lead children to greatness, and opened Dance Expressions School of Dance. One the first students to join the Dance Discovery Class was Kristen Meyer, a 3 year old girl bustling with energy and an innate love of ballet. Dance Expressions was so successful that they moved into a beautiful two story studio and rocketed to the next level of success. Kristen joined the touring and performing company Expressions Productions, Inc. where the spark inside her heart was lit and she toured the world expressing herself through the art of dance. Kristen choreographed her first jazz dance for the 1999 Summer Concert at the age of 15 as a teaching assistant, and the following season she was on the payroll as one of the youngest dance instructors in the nation.

                Dance Expressions closed its doors in 2003 as Kim has passed the torch to her younger generations of students who were gaining scholarships to dance programs, directing performing companies, leading the business world, and standing up for kindness and positive leadership in their community. Kim instilled in her students the belief that “Dance evolves through the hearts and minds of the current generation.” Kristen’s spark that was lit by her early years on stage became a flame as she toured Northern California, mentoring, managing, teaching, choreographing, and performing at many studios and companies.
              Our story comes full circle as Kristen announces the 2015 opening of Expressions Academy of Dance. After spending the past 15 years instructing, managing, and performing across Northern California, Kristen is ready to take her “grande jeté of faith” and turn her spark into a flame that will light the community of Lincoln on a fiery stage of young men and women who can express themselves and live their dreams. EAD inspires and trains dancers to be visionaries - they can execute choreography, add their personal spirit, and then utilize their technique and imaginations to create dances that deliver their own personal messages to the world.
             Many studios claim to be instilling confidence and technique in their curriculum, and EAD has 30 years of a successful approach and a recipe for training students who will go on to inspire the world in many different industries. We are honored to continue the tradition in our studio of a culture of acceptance, friendship, confidence, and hard work. Leading EAD is a team of instructors whose powerful choreography and positive teaching style welcomes all dancers and their families. EAD will unite the community of Lincoln as we come together from different backgrounds with a united purpose. We join steps and stand together on the marly floor to create dreams, communicate social messages and inspiration, and conquer all that stands in front of us. Whether you are age 3 or 83, We invite you to join the movement. We welcome you into our studio where expression is encouraged and friendships are cultivated. We appreciate you joining us in our vision of a new generation of the dance world.