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Our Mission

At Expressions Academy of Dance, we believe that artistic expression has the capacity to inspire and enrich the lives of people of all ages. We teach with enthusiasm, lead by example,  and provide dancers with a comprehensive artistic education that embraces proper technique as well as personal transformation. We encourage all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way, putting passion into every step in both dance
and in life.
-Kristen Baker
Owner/Artisitc Director
Parent Review-

"When we lived in Lincoln we didn't do a lot of research on where to enroll our then 3-year old daughter, June, for dance classes.  After participating in the Mommy and Me class through Lincoln Rec we decided to sign up for the following season, and we never looked back.

A few months after being there, you made me feel comfortable about trying out the adult ballet class. I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to join, even if it was just going to be one class here and there.  Everyone in that class became a friend of mine.  Being a part of the class and then the recital are moments and memories I will hold close to my heart forever.  In that class I rediscovered a part of who I once was and it was inspiring.

At the time we didn't know how good we had it at Expressions.  I recognized good business acumen, a clean studio, friendly staff, skilled instructors, and when we decided to move out of the area I shed many tears over the loss of what we had found at your school.

I can go on and on about what I love (and miss) about your business.  Thank you for always providing timely and clear communication regarding deadlines and expectations.  Thank you answering questions with a smile.  Thank you for making us feel like a part of your dance family.

I still get emotional over what we left behind, even now after 5 months.  I've searched high and low in my community for a school that meets the same standards that Expressions Academy of Dance offers.  I haven't had much success.  Keep up the good work, and please share my sentiments with your staff!"

- Jossyln S. 
We'll be happy to answer any questions.
Monday        Closed               3:00-7:30
Tuesday       9:00-11:30        3:00-7:30
Wednesday  9:00-11:30        3:00-7:30
Thursday     Closed                3:00-7:30
Fri               Closed                3:00-7:30
Sat               9:00-11:30                        
Sunday-       Closed
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Privacy Policy